Photo h.stammbergerProf. H. Stammberger

Heinz Stammberger, M.D., Hon. FRCS (Ed.), Hon. FRCS (Engl.), Hon. FACS, is
Emeritus Professor and was Chair of the Department of ORL, H&NS of the Medical
University at Graz/Austria. It was here where in the late 1960s and 70s his teacher,
Prof. Walter Messerklinger, started what would become a revolution in diagnosis and
treatment of nasal and sinuses diseases: Rigid endoscopy, FESS being the best
known off-spring of this development. Prof. Stammberger today, is considered one of
the world’s leading experts in the field of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery.
He has helped through numerous publications, books as well as lectures and
teaching courses on all continents, to spread the knowledge and expertise and push
the surgical frontiers. In the last two decades, he and his ENT-team have started
interdisciplinary co-operation with their neurosurgical partners from the Medical
University Graz. Their transnasal concept of “Endoscopic Rhino-Neurosurgery” has
made the Graz Group a leader in the field and an international referral and centre of
More recently, he joined the Dubai-based TSESI Group for non-profit teaching and
hands-on training of talented, yet financially under-privileged, young rhinologists and
researchers from all over the globe, during several multi-day courses per year.

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