XXXI МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ КОНФЕРЕНЦИЯ МОЛОДЫХ ОТОРИНОЛАРИНГОЛОГОВ ИМ. ПРОФ. М.С. ПЛУЖНИКОВА переносится. О дате проведения конференции будет объявлено дополнительно.

XXXI Международная конференция молодых оториноларингологов им. проф. М.С.Плужникова  переносится. О дате проведения будет сообщено дополнительно.

XXXI Marius Plouzhnikov International Conference of Young Otorhinolaryngologists  will be held in  Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Venue will be House of Scientists. Its address is: Dvortsovaya Embankment 26. The Conference will be held under the auspices of the International Academy of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (IAO-HNS). The idea of the Conference is to introduce medical students, post-graduates and young clinicians to international exchange. Every effort is made to encourage the participants to devote themselves to ORL research.

The International Jury will evaluate the presentations of young doctors, choose the winners and awarded them the prizes and diplomas. Chairman of the Jury is Prof. Dr. Bert Schmelzer (Antwerp).

Conference is polythematic. Official language is English.

You are welcome to send the application in an arbitrary form for participation and the title of your presentation (8min) in English to be included into the program before February 1, 2020 to:   Number of presentations will be limited.

Saint Petersburg is one of the cultural centers of Russia and is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities.  It has many famous museums and theatres.  Everybody is welcome to come to Saint Petersburg.

Contact: Professor Sergei Karpischenko

T: +7 (812) 338-70-19   E-mail:

Bert Schmelzer

Dear participants

of the XXXI Marius Plouzhnikov International Conference of Young Otorhinolaryngologists,

This conference for young otorhinolaryngologists has already a long tradition and has usually taken place in the beautiful “House of Scientists”.  The founder, the late Prof. Marius S. Plouzhnikov, had this brilliant idea already in the late eighties of the last century to organise this conference to bring together young colleagues from all parts in the world.  This highly esteemed contest in the manner of a conference for young otorhinolaryngologists or already recognized doctors took place every two years in Saint Petersburg in the beautiful Grand Duke Vladimir Palace also known as the “House of Scientists” directly adjacent at the Neva river and very close to the Hermitage of Saint Petersburg.

The young colleagues are judged by a very experienced international jury of wellknown Otorhinolaryngologists. This jury is divided in three groups namely Otology, Rhinology and Sinuses and last but not least Laryngology and Neck.

The participant has to give the presentation in English supported by powerpoint and no longer than eight minutes, the jury members are asked to foresee maximum two questions and the answers are no longer than two minutes allowed, to keep everything fair and collegial for all other speakers.

In every aspect this conference will shape you, young colleague for the future and will be an unforgettable event. And as I know from many years of active involvement in these joyful conferences also we as the jury members are pleased to serve the noble idea of Prof.M.Plouzhnikov.

Welcome to Saint Petersburg,

Most sincerely, Bert Schmelzer

Chairman of the International ORL-Jury. General Secretary of International Academy of  Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Antwerp-Belgium


Таваркиладзе 1

Dear young Colleagues,

The XXXI International Conference of young otorhinolaryngologists after Prof. Marius Plouzhnikov will be held in St. Petersburg on April 27, 2019. This Conference was established by Prof. Marius Plouzhnikov, founder of the International Academy of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, in 1998 and it immediately became the benchmark for training young ENT-professionals. And, if at the very beginning some of our colleagues had doubts about the success of the project proposed by prof. Plouzhnikov, now all of us consider it an honor to send their students to participate in this international event.

I am deeply convinced that this year we will hear the results of basic and clinical studies, which not only meet modern international standards, but also move science forward to new frontiers.

You are our hope and future of Russian otorhinolaryngology.

We are waiting for you in April in St. Petersburg and wishing great success!

Prof. George Tavartkiladze, M.D., Ph.D

President of the IAORL-HNS


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